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Ingrid Mauer, though she has lived for most of her life in Northern California, travels constantly throughout Asia and North America. As a result, she conducts most of her business in person or by email.


About MERIDIAN Lifestyles and Ingrid Maurer

Ingrid MaurerMERIDIAN Lifestyles has evolved out of Ingrid Maurer's thirty years of success as a textile designer and manufacturer. To her family's long tradition in textiles—Ingrid is the fourth generation to work in the family business—she has added interior design and business consulting at 5-Star hospitality, travel and cosmopolitan art venues.

Ingrid has a face-to-face and hands-on approach to her wide variety of activies. In addition to providing textiles, interior design and business consulting to her clients, she also develops educational systems, leads guided tours of Asia finest art and hopitality institutions, practices wholistic healing through WATSU, and leads peace-building actions. By directly involving herself in communities across the world she has constructed a network of business leaders, artists, and seekers who share their expertise and their worlds with one another.

MERIDIAN Lifestyles Incorporated in USA 1985

Ingrid's family businesses are full-service marketing and design-firms specializing in design, sale and distribution of the highest quality European duvet bedding and linens. Their product line features over 5,000 designs and color-coordinates in top quality German and Swiss-made jacquards, prints and solids as well as Swiss embroideries and embellishments.

The MERIDIAN brand of duvet-bedding and linens can be found in some of the most prestigeous hotels and resorts worldwide.

The MERIDIAN Interational services include:

Life on Roller Blades


Ingrid believes that being outside and moving on roller blades brings her closer to the places and cultures she visits. And besides, it's much more convenient to travel a kilometer or two in a crowded city on blades than to sit in a taxi for half an hour!


Statement of Purpose

MERIDIAN Lifestyles integrates local culture and art into the experience of visitors to Top 5-star hotel and resorts, etc..

MERIDIAN promotes PEACE through cross-cultural interaction exchange and PEACE Building activism in all languages.

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MERIDIAN Lifestyles and MERIDIAN International has provided consulting services to significant hospitality businesses and cultural institutions throughout Asia, Europe, U.A.E and North America, i.e :

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