East-West Education

Two girls MERIDIAN Lifestyles asks you to consider: What is meant by the term 'culture and PEACE building'?

In part, it is subjective way of life contained in the 'we' feelings of a cultural group expressed in terms of distinctiveness of lifestyle and worldview which both the members and those 'outside' hold. Culture is expressed through specific behaviors such as customs and rituals—sacred or profane—which mark the daily, weekly and yearly life cycle of the group's members. Cultural metaphors are descriptive of both intra- and inter-cultural group experiences and dynamics.

What is the value of cultural education? Once members of different cultures encounter one another and develop relationships, they are building what Ingrid Maurer calls 'PEACE BRIDGES'. These are avenues for the peaceful exchange of heart and thought and knowledge, creating worldwide understanding and reducing the amount of conflict in the world.

How does MERIDIAN Lifestyles provide this education? Through her custom-designed MERIDIAN Peace-Building Educational Programs Ingrid offers travel, tours, and consulting services that introduce people of different cultures to each other, frequently using art as the facilitating medium.

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Personal Healing

by Journaling & Ritual Movement

To see oneself reflected in the eyes of another culture, and to express a new sense of self through various global cultural experiences, nurtures compassion and allows a refreshing level of awareness to develop upon which new foundations for relationships can exist. Walk in beauty and respect all life. Honor oneself, honor each other, honor all beings and the earth.


Ingrid studied her practice of WATSU through the auspices of the Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association, also known as WABA.


Peace Building

Ingrid is creating PEACE building projects & activism - now Globally !

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Leadership Education East-West

Dance with Us - Breath Made Visible - Movement Ritual - etc.

PEACE Activism

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