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MERIDIAN Lifestyles consult world-class hotels & family-establishments, refining their values, quality of sleep, lifestyles & healing by including MERIDIAN Linens into the signature-hotel experience: co-creating chic European traditions, Asian savvy, N-American innovation & New healing, AND enhancing the relationship of owners, decion-makers & their guests - naturally !

MERIDIAN Lifestyles' education programs are customized for 3-5-star hotels & resorts, Alternative Healers & Sleep-educators – globally !

German born Ingrid Maurer, 4th generation East-West designer & manufacturer, educator & healer with her face-to-face & hands-on-approach, links global education, practice and holistic wisdom i.e. RSSD-Design, WATSU, MOCI - Meridian Overseas Culture Interchange, for the purpose of PEACE-building and effective cross-cultural education.

MOCI Foundation has evolved from Ingrid's 30 years of success in business, design, textiles and healing. Invite Ingrid to Your establishment for her famous, eye & heart-opening consulting !

Her audience include 3-7-star hotels, KUNST- & Travel-pros, healing-coops - all the way to Royal and Imperial Families globally .... sustaining treasured family-traditions into new PEACE-building creations & communications !

MERIDIAN Lifestyles offer programs to
•  open New dialog for PEACE-building via new hotel-archetypes
•  expand inter-cultural expertise at 0-top 7-star levels
•  provide EW- education in principles, practice & color (light)
•  promote global activism in the healing arts & joi-de-vivire
•  celebrate M O C I - MERIDIAN Overseas Culture Interchange
   - also in honor of late Robert Rauschenberg

MERIDIAN Lifestyles MERIDIAN Lifestyles MERIDIAN Lifestyles MERIDIAN Lifestyles MERIDIAN Lifestyles
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