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MERIDIAN Lifestyles offers ART & Travel: trips through Asia and North America which introduce clients to the arts and music of diverse cultures. MERIDIAN Lifestyles regularly coordinates travel and guided tours for clients through the Pacific region.

Rhythms in art and music are the creative expressions of time.

Eye photo The differences between cultures of the definitions of both Art and Music are significant. In the non-western cultures, 'rhythm and time' are more closely linked to an individual's internal clock. A culture's rhythm thus is less apt to be sychronized to external clocks. Therefore non-western cultures often do not share a uniform perception of time.

"We need a map of the territory where eastern and western cultures and educational systems ought to be giving and receiving each other."
             –Rudolph Schaeffer

Eye photo When Ingrid arrived in the US from Germany in 1980, she met Rudolph Schaeffer of the Rudolph Schaeffer School of Design and Color in San Francisco. Schaeffer combined eastern and western philosophies and applied his rhythmo-chromatic color theory to many artistic disciplines, including Chinese pottery, Japanese shibori, silk-dyeing techniques, paper-making and book binding.

Another significant inspiration is the Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT). Curator Doug Hall has been cultivating this art scene for 15 years and has an entire global archive in his library. Since December 2002 Ingrid has been developing an educational program that introduces clients to the APT.

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